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Complete a timed, 3 hour/3 Full page essay assignment:

You need to set up a quiet working space and allow time during the three hours to proofread your essay.

You will be required complete the essay during the three hour period on Friday. Please note, the assignment will only be available for this three-hourtime period ONLY. the ‘Assignments Due’ tab and will disappear at the end of this time period.

Many students should be able to complete this essay within two hours; with this in mind, you need to log onto as close to the start time as possible. However, I strongly recommend that you log on promptly at the start time to give yourself the ‘full’ three hours so you can proofread and have adequate composing time.

You need to review the information at the following links (Questions for a literary analysis<> ; Checklist for revising a literary analysis<> ; and Questions for analyzing fiction<> ) as background reading for writing a literary analysis.
























You will be writing a literary analysis based on ONE of the stories (i.e. there will be one question based on each of the four stories — you will choose ONE of the four questions and write a well-developed essay based on the question prompt). Your thesis will be the answer to the question/prompt.

The four stories you will be choosing from on the midterm are as follows:

Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path”
Flannery O’Connor — “A Good Man is Hard to Find”
Sherwood Anderson — “Hands”
William Faulkner — “A Rose for Emily”


  • Thesis requires the answer to the question/prompt.
  • Be sure to use a signal phrase before your selected quote from the story
  • Do not use quotes in the introduction paragraph and conclusion
  • Third person in all parts of your essay except the conclusion paragraph where you are allowed to use first person
  • Not allowed to use semicolons / Ensure sentences are not run-ons
  • Required to use one direct quote in each body paragraph for support of the analysis point you present in the topic sentence of each body paragraph.
  • You will include the page number from the pdf file in your citation of the quote.
  • Do not include a works cited page; however, you are required to include the author’s full name and the full title of the reading in the introduction paragraph.

    You are not allowed to use ANY outside sources (information from the Internet, any portions of other student papers, or other students) to complete your analysis – students who use outside sources in their assignment will receive an automatic zero/F.You will be graded on how well you follow the Essay Writing Guidelines, by how well you explain your quotes in your literary analysis, for grammar concerns, for MLA style usage, and paragraph development.
    The length of the essay is THREE full pages. You will have three hours to write the literary analysis paper and upload your work. Be sure to allow adequate time to proofread your work.


The best way to study for this assignment is to refer to the Literary Analysis Questions Links (First Page). Choose your favorite story from the four stories listed above and answer those questions to brainstorm. Review the stories and look through the story for good quotes to support the different literary question topics. – Have your 2nd choice of a story in mind as well in case you do not like the question, I ask about your first choice.