BPS2113 Universiti Malaysia Sectors Covered in OSH Management System Paper

Department of Business and Accounting COURSE NAME : OSH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MARKS: COURSE CODE: BPS2113 SEMESTER: 1 (2019-20) TOPIC: Sectors covered in OSH Management System TYPE OF ASSESSMENT: ASSIGNMENT 1 (INDIVIDUAL) /40 ASSESSMENT NO: 1 TIME/DEADLINE: 21st October 2019 STUDENT NAME: SIGNATURE: STUDENT ID: SECTION: FEEDBACK(IF ANY): LECTURER NAME: Mr. Arul SIGNATURE: INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE 1. Length of assignment: (Excluding attachment) Minimum 10 pages Maximum 15 pages 2. Paper submitted must have Table of Contents, Introduction, Main Contents, Figures, Tables (if any), Conclusions, Appendix/Attachment (if any) and References (APA format). 3. 1.5 spacing with font size 12 (Times New Roman), margins 1.5 inch, page numbering and justified. 4. Make sure there is no copy/paste or plagiarism as reports will be submitted for Turnitin process. Assessment Type: Individual Assignment Question: “Effective safety and health management requires the development of a comprehensive OSH management system which not only meets national and international standards but also contributes to the overall business performance of your company”. Number of work related accidents and occupational illness have remained significantly high despite the efforts of the government and the private sector to address the issue. Students are instructed to do the following: 1. Identify and explain briefly about any TEN (10) sectors covered in OSH Management System. (10×2 = 20 Marks) 2. Describe any TWO (2) benefits of using OSH Management System in all the TEN (10) sectors. (10×1 = 10 Marks) 3. List any FIVE (5) advantages and FIVE (5) disadvantages of OSH Management System. (5+5 = 10 Marks) BPS2113 Page 2 of 2 OSHA : Sectors Coverage Wholesale & Retail Trades Mining & Quarry utties (Gas, Electricity Water & Sanitary) Hotel & Restaurant and Gas – Act 139, 1967 -Act 302, 1984 -Act 514, 1994 Agriculture Forestry & Fishing Public Services & Statutory Authorties Manufacturing Construction Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Busines siness Sves. Transport. Storage & Communication Sustaining OSH Business Cluster : Sycusing on key engines et gressth
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