Business Law IRAC assignment about 2 pages long

This REPLACES the IRAC for Chapter 38 listed in the syllabus. You do not need to submit that IRAC for next week. IRAC form (argue both sides!!!) Florence and Michael were married and had worked together in the Acri Café, which they had jointly managed. For the first 15 years of their marriage, Michael had been in and out of hospitals for the treatment of mental disorders. Although he had beaten Florence when they had marital problems, he had not attacked anyone else. Last year, Michael and Florence separated, and Michael fully controlled the day-to-day management of the Café. A few months after Michael and Florence’s separation, Stephen and his friend John went to the Acri Café. Without provocation, Michael shot and killed John and seriously injured Stephen while they were seated and drinking at the Café. Stephen wants to sue Michael and Florence for his injuries. Is Florence responsible for Stephen’s injuries?