business process please help explain



Select a business process that needs to be improved at work

Please identify the following for the selected process:


1. The business opportunity (What is the problem?) 

2. Process improvement goals and benefits (How will you measure success?) 




Utilization of project charters 


 Discuss in detail integrating course material into your response.

1. Does your organization/department use project charters when being a new initiative? 

2. If yes, do they help in the effective of project sponsorship & execution? 

3. If no, what process/tool is used to initiated a new project? 


Utilizing the Business Process



1. Does your organization/department have documented process maps for the selected process? 

2. If yes, does the process accurately reflect the work activities? 

3. If no, how are work processes communicated? 




Process Flowchart vs Process SIPOC



1. Compare process flowchart map and process SIPOC.  What are the key differences?

2. What are the pros/cons of a process map and SIPOC?

3. Which do you prefer? Make sure to integrate the course material in explaining your reasoning