needed feb 20 mla format


Prepare a 10-page research paper for which critical methodologies and writing will be required. The cover sheet (required) and bibliography (required) do not count against that page count. For example, if you have a two-page bibliography, plus the cover sheet, plus the ten page paper, you would submit a document that is actually thirteen (13) pages in total length. The paper is to be double-spaced, with page numbers, and standard fonts and margins.  


You must use the MLA style for the paper. The topic should deal with a book from Hebrew scriptures, a particular section of such a book, or a biblical theme. For example, a paper might deal with the concept of “covenant” or the nature of prophecy; the paper might deal with one of the lesser known prophets, or with a section of a book (such as chapters 1-11 in Genesis) which are often studied as particular area of interest.   


The paper, at a minimum, should address the authorship of the text under examination, the dating of the text and its original intended audience and then conduct a critical textual review of the book or passage. What does the text say, what did it mean to its original (intended) audience, and how to persons today interpret the text?  These are all questions the student might examine in detail in the paper.