perfecto 21

The client currently is 46 years old, with an income of about $126,000 per year. His goal is to

retire between ages 62 and 67 and to have enough savings to live comfortably in about the

same fashion he does now (with some money available for expanded travel). The client’s

accumulated savings for retirement total $137,000. His employer contributes around $10,000

per year into the retirement fund, while he has been contributing $7,500. How much should he

be saving?


Explore the mess  above by answering the following questions:

(a)    What do we know?

(b)   What can we assume

(c)    What could the results look like?

(d)   What information can be brought to bear?

(e)   What can we ask the client?


(f)     Are there any similar situations or problems?