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Generational Expectations:   Each culture, subculture, socioeconomic group and historical period has  a somewhat different social clock, the settings of which establish various events and behaviors in life are appropriate and called for at a give time.  Think about the social context of your generation and indicate the appropriate age range for the following events.   Interview someone of another generation (considerably older or significantly younger).  How did their answers vary from yours?  Did socioeconomic status seem to have an influence?  Write a reaction and evaluation of this activity and include examples of the specific activities/events on which you differed or were similar to the other generation.  What might account for the differences? Apply content from the chapters to strengthen your response.
best age for a man to marry
best age for a woman to marry
when most people should become grandparents
best age for most people to finish school and start working at a “real” job
when most people should retire
when a man has the most responsibilities
when a woman has the most responsibilities
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