revise persuasive essay 2

It’s time to revise your persuasive essay. At this point, your course faculty member has returned this assignment to you with a grade as well as some insightful feedback applied to your writing. You have also submitted the essay for review to support services at the College or used additional sources of feedback (like a writing buddy).

For this assignment, revise your 3-4 page persuasive essay based on the following criteria:

  • An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Three body paragraphs that each focus on a separate major detail.
  • A summary paragraph that summarizes your main ideas and puts a bow on the essay.
  • Your reference page will list all of your sources in APA style.
  • Additionally, be sure to proof your essay draft carefully for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
  • Applied revision and editing strategies to strengthen the essay.

Attached is my rough draft which I received a C and some feedback, Please I need to have a A on this paper.